At East Borough Primary School we have a set of Core Values which were chosen by the staff in 2013. We believe that with Aspiration, Resilience, Respect, Responsibility and Courage, the children of East Borough will develop into lifelong learners and be the best they can be.
Our Community Code was also developed by the staff to encompass what we aspire for the children to be: Be Kind, Be Safe, Be The Best You Can Be.
In September 2014, we ran a competition to design characters to accompany each Core Value and the winning characters were voted for by the children and teachers from each year group. You can see these characters on our posters and throughout the school! We are all very proud of them.
We have a Core Value focus to develop each term, which is taught and celebrated through whole school and phase assemblies as well as circle time in class. This Core Value is displayed on the door of each classroom and throughout the school, as well as on banners at each entrance of the school site.  


Below are our Core Values: