Secondary School Information

Parents of pupils in Year 6 are reminded that they need to apply for a secondary school place for their child by 31st October, 2018 . Please click on the following link which will help you to apply.  National Offer Day is 1st March 2019.‚Äč


Pupils at East Borough attend many different local secondary schools from Year 7.  To learn more about the schools and find out details about open days, please click on the links below:

Cornwallis Academy

Invicta Grammar School

Maidstone Grammar School

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

New Line Learning Academy

Oakwood Park Grammar School

School of Science & Technology Maidstone

St Augustine Academy

St Simon Stock Catholic School

The Holmesdale School

The Lenham School

The Malling School 

The Maplesden Noakes School

Valley Park School